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All You Need To Know About Tibetan Travel Permit And Visa

Tibet is always called the land of snow where is surrounded by mystifying vales and valleys making the place a hot pick on all travel enthusiasts list. Here’s how you can travel to the roof of the world.

What is Tibetan permit?

To define technically the Tibet permit, is an authorized letter allowing permission to the individuals of a certain country for visiting Tibet. And this document is indispensable if you wish to travel to Tibet. This document is also known as the “visa” for Tibet travel or the Tibet entry permit.

Who all are eligible?

Now that you have a brief idea regarding the Tibet visa the next question comes is as who are eligible for applying this permit. Here follows

  • All foreign citizens including all non-Chinese passport holders. Thus all Chinese people living abroad might also need to apply for the permit in case they are hiding non-Chinese passports
  • All residents of Taiwan needs to apply for Tibet permit to travel.
  • All residents living in Hong Kong and Macau don’t require the specific entry permit to visit Tibet. However they need to have SAR passports and Home Return Permits or Mainland Travel Permits to travel through China.

When to apply?

Tibet is not opened year-long for tourists to visit. The place remains closed for tourists during the Tibetan New Year and also during the months of February and March. Also remember that due to its mountainous location Tibet weather is cold and chilly. And because it is a small developing province the hotels cannot provide you all modern amenities. Thus you can expect a mostly chilly night in Tibet. So it’s best to make plans during summer month’s i.e. during April and May.

Pick leading travel agencies

Applying for permit is pretty easy. For that just get in touch with any leading authorized travel agency, sent them a copy of your passport and tickets and get the permit ready.