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Why is traveling from Inland China to Tibet easier?


Travelling to Tibet from China is really easier, economical and straightforward too. You will save your time as well since you do not have to stop in China for a day. If you want to travel to Tibet from Nepal then in that case you will need to stay back for at least three days to get a Tibet Visa Permit. Do remember that travelling to Tibet from Nepal will need you to have a group visa. You can get this from the Chinese embassy in Nepal.
1.Trains to Tibet
You have two options for travelling to Lhasa from Nepal. But during the time of travelling, you will also get a flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu. It is quite expensive though. On other hand, you have much more options from China. You have got a train that goes to Lhasa from China. The trains are available from almost all the major cities of China.
The best part of travelling via a train is that you will be able to witness the beauties of nature on your way. Travelling by a train will not even require you to go through the nightmare of getting your Tibet permit delivery. You just need to have a copy of the permit which you need to show at the train station. Here you won’t need the original Tibet permit. This way you will save money too.
2.No additional paperwork
This is another advantage of travelling to Tibet from inland China. After your tour agency completes the process of making your Tibet visa or travel permit. When you are travelling to Tibet from China then there will be an additional paperwork which is only to fill up a form for your train journey. But on the hand, traveling to Tibet from Nepal will need you to have a group visa that might consume some of your time.
3.Transiting flights to Tibet without wasting a day
If you travel to Tibet from inland China then you will save a lot of your time. You do not need to stay back in China just to get the Tibet travel permit. You can have it delivered to you while you wait at the airport to board the flight. This can be done by your travel agency at the airport itself. Only you might need to pay an extra charge for this service. You can also take a transit in Chengdu because this city has got large Tibetan community where you will easily find someone who can deliver the travel permit to you at the airport.
4.Making the travel permit is easier
There is no need for the travel agency to send a Tibet visa invitation if you are travelling to Tibet from China. Making a visa invitation takes the same number of days as making of Tibet permit takes. It can be lot more confusing.
Thus, you see that Tibet train from China make your journey easier and smooth for you. It will save you much of your time and money too.