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Tibet permit is mandatory for tourists to travel to Tibet

Tibet is a nothing less than paradise on Earth. However, in order to visit this tiny region on the highest parts of the Earth, you need to seek assistance from a licensed travel agent in Tibet. This is because you are not allowed to enter the borders of this region without a valid Tibet permit.  The procedure for obtaining the permit is:

  • You apply for visa to China.
  • Once your China visa is stamped, you need to contact an authorized travel agent in Tibet. Send him the image of your passport and China visa.
  • The travel agent then applies for the Tibet permit on your behalf with the local authorities. It takes about a week to 10 days to get the permit issued.
  • In order to travel to Tibet, you can choose to travel from Mainland China or from Nepal.

Travelling from China to Tibet

Tourists have two options to enter Tibet via Mainland China. They can:

  • Choose to fly from China’s capital, Beijing to Lhasa. The flight stops at Xining. This journey takes about 7 to 8 hours.
  • Choose to take the train on the extremely scenic route of Qinghai to Tibet railway line. This is one of the most beautiful journeys you would have undertaken in your life. However, it takes about 40 hours to complete the journey.

Travelling from Nepal to Tibet

Tourists wanting to travel to Tibet via Nepal have two ways of undertaking the journey:

  • Take a flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa. This is another life-enriching journey as the aircraft flies over the highest ranges of the Himalayas including Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga.

Adventurous tourists can try their hand at the overland tour connecting Kathmandu to Lhasa. It is a total of about 1300 kilometers and it takes about a week to complete the journey via the Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway.