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Tibet permit is mandatory for tourists to travel to Tibet

Tibet is a nothing less than paradise on Earth. However, in order to visit this tiny region on the highest parts of the Earth, you need to seek assistance from a licensed travel agent in Tibet. This is because you are not allowed to enter the borders of this region without a valid Tibet permit.  The procedure for obtaining the permit is:

  • You apply for visa to China.
  • Once your China visa is stamped, you need to contact an authorized travel agent in Tibet. Send him the image of your passport and China visa.
  • The travel agent then applies for the Tibet permit on your behalf with the local authorities. It takes about a week to 10 days to get the permit issued.
  • In order to travel to Tibet, you can choose to travel from Mainland China or from Nepal.

Travelling from China to Tibet

Tourists have two options to enter Tibet via Mainland China. They can:

  • Choose to fly from China’s capital, Beijing to Lhasa. The flight stops at Xining. This journey takes about 7 to 8 hours.
  • Choose to take the train on the extremely scenic route of Qinghai to Tibet railway line. This is one of the most beautiful journeys you would have undertaken in your life. However, it takes about 40 hours to complete the journey.

Travelling from Nepal to Tibet

Tourists wanting to travel to Tibet via Nepal have two ways of undertaking the journey:

  • Take a flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa. This is another life-enriching journey as the aircraft flies over the highest ranges of the Himalayas including Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga.

Adventurous tourists can try their hand at the overland tour connecting Kathmandu to Lhasa. It is a total of about 1300 kilometers and it takes about a week to complete the journey via the Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway.

All You Need To Know About Tibetan Travel Permit And Visa

Tibet is always called the land of snow where is surrounded by mystifying vales and valleys making the place a hot pick on all travel enthusiasts list. Here’s how you can travel to the roof of the world.

What is Tibetan permit?

To define technically the Tibet permit, is an authorized letter allowing permission to the individuals of a certain country for visiting Tibet. And this document is indispensable if you wish to travel to Tibet. This document is also known as the “visa” for Tibet travel or the Tibet entry permit.

Who all are eligible?

Now that you have a brief idea regarding the Tibet visa the next question comes is as who are eligible for applying this permit. Here follows

  • All foreign citizens including all non-Chinese passport holders. Thus all Chinese people living abroad might also need to apply for the permit in case they are hiding non-Chinese passports
  • All residents of Taiwan needs to apply for Tibet permit to travel.
  • All residents living in Hong Kong and Macau don’t require the specific entry permit to visit Tibet. However they need to have SAR passports and Home Return Permits or Mainland Travel Permits to travel through China.

When to apply?

Tibet is not opened year-long for tourists to visit. The place remains closed for tourists during the Tibetan New Year and also during the months of February and March. Also remember that due to its mountainous location Tibet weather is cold and chilly. And because it is a small developing province the hotels cannot provide you all modern amenities. Thus you can expect a mostly chilly night in Tibet. So it’s best to make plans during summer month’s i.e. during April and May.

Pick leading travel agencies

Applying for permit is pretty easy. For that just get in touch with any leading authorized travel agency, sent them a copy of your passport and tickets and get the permit ready.

Try Out These Activities When In Tibet


Tibet Travel, Tibet travel permit cost

Tibet is one of the most amazing places that you can visit. You will get to see some of the best scenic beauties here. Also during your Tibet Travel you will get to experience some of the most interesting activities ever. Some of these activities are even renowned all over the world. So, the next time while you are in Tibet, do not forget to check them out. They would give you some experiences to cherish for a long time to come.

  1. The famous dance of Tibet- You can find some communal dance forms that are popular among the Tibetan community. It is a circle formed by the people where they dance and it gets bigger every time more people join it. The local people love watching it when the foreigners join them in this dance form.
  2. Try out the Tibetan cuisines- Whenever you visit a new place, you are bound to try out their local or famous foods. Yak milk, meat, yoghurt, butter etc., is always present in Tibetan foods. Even they use potatoes, tsampa, momos or locally grown vegetables.
  3. Explore the local markets of Tibet- Now that you are in Tibet, you cannot stop yourself from doing some shopping. For this, you can visit the local markets of Tibet. You cannot ignore these markets as they are so lovely. Visit a trinket or jewelry store or a clothing store. Even as you stroll down these local markets, you will get a glimpse of the lifestyle of the local people.
  4. Watch the yak grazing- Visit the grasslands to watch the yak, cows, sheep etc., graze. It is not at all boring as it sounds. You need to feel the view and you can touch the soft green nature as its best – if you are in there at the summer glory.

So, the next time you decide to travel to Tibet, make sure to try these out. Even Tibet travel permit cost is reasonable enough to encourage yourself for a visit to that beautiful place.

Tibet Visa Information Permit From Nepal To China



Tibet is the wonderful land of mountains and natural beauty. If you are planning to travel to this country, the first thing you need is a visa. For this, you need to know some important things, and here, you can check them in this article.

Ways to get a travel permit and China group visa

First step: The first thing you have to do for this tour is to look for the best tibet travel company, and you have to consult with the consultant of the agency. You need to talk about the dates, the itinerary. The deposits you have to make, and the stuff you have to send them for the visa.

Second step: The traveling agency will submit your application to the Tibet tourism bureau, and then after 8 to 9 days the Bureau will issue the permit for Tibet travel to the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu.

Third step: You have to arrive in Kathmandu at least 4 days before the journey and give your passport to the agency you have booked the tour with, and the company will provide you the application form. You have to fill that form out.

Fourth step: After this step, you will get the China group visa, and it will be handed to you by the agency in Kathmandu.

Fifth step: You can now use this visa permit to travel by land or in the flight to Tibet, and the agency Tibetan guide will accompany you on this amazing journey.

Things required for China group and Tibet visa

Your original passports

The required size photos

Fill the application form

The visa fee

Then the invitation for the visa.

You need all of these things prepared whenever you are traveling with the best Tibet travel company in Kathmandu.

The visa originally takes 4 days to be issued, and if you want an urgent one, it can be made in 3 days. However, the visa processing time for Tibet takes 8 to 9 days, and you have to submit your original passport at least 20 days before the application.


Why is traveling from Inland China to Tibet easier?


Travelling to Tibet from China is really easier, economical and straightforward too. You will save your time as well since you do not have to stop in China for a day. If you want to travel to Tibet from Nepal then in that case you will need to stay back for at least three days to get a Tibet Visa Permit. Do remember that travelling to Tibet from Nepal will need you to have a group visa. You can get this from the Chinese embassy in Nepal.
1.Trains to Tibet
You have two options for travelling to Lhasa from Nepal. But during the time of travelling, you will also get a flight to Lhasa from Kathmandu. It is quite expensive though. On other hand, you have much more options from China. You have got a train that goes to Lhasa from China. The trains are available from almost all the major cities of China.
The best part of travelling via a train is that you will be able to witness the beauties of nature on your way. Travelling by a train will not even require you to go through the nightmare of getting your Tibet permit delivery. You just need to have a copy of the permit which you need to show at the train station. Here you won’t need the original Tibet permit. This way you will save money too.
2.No additional paperwork
This is another advantage of travelling to Tibet from inland China. After your tour agency completes the process of making your Tibet visa or travel permit. When you are travelling to Tibet from China then there will be an additional paperwork which is only to fill up a form for your train journey. But on the hand, traveling to Tibet from Nepal will need you to have a group visa that might consume some of your time.
3.Transiting flights to Tibet without wasting a day
If you travel to Tibet from inland China then you will save a lot of your time. You do not need to stay back in China just to get the Tibet travel permit. You can have it delivered to you while you wait at the airport to board the flight. This can be done by your travel agency at the airport itself. Only you might need to pay an extra charge for this service. You can also take a transit in Chengdu because this city has got large Tibetan community where you will easily find someone who can deliver the travel permit to you at the airport.
4.Making the travel permit is easier
There is no need for the travel agency to send a Tibet visa invitation if you are travelling to Tibet from China. Making a visa invitation takes the same number of days as making of Tibet permit takes. It can be lot more confusing.
Thus, you see that Tibet train from China make your journey easier and smooth for you. It will save you much of your time and money too.



Travel To Tibet With The Help From The Best Tours Agency

 Do you wish to explore the beautiful plateau region known as the roof of the world?
Grab your passport, book your tickets, and visit the ancient and enchanting land of Tibet. Situated in the northeast of the snow-covered Himalayas. This region is not only popular for its spectacular views and scenery but for its unique culture and history. This is the perfect gateway of exploration for travelers and globetrotters. If you wish to praise the beauty of this magical land, look up to the leading travel agency and fulfil your needs.

Types of tour packages

Tibet is a land filled with mysterious places, which you can explore. The tours and travel company will offer you multiple Tibet Tour packages, which has numerous options to choose from, the tour packages comprise

1. Tibet group tours

The Best Tibet Tour Agency will offer you their various small group tours, under this package and has departure dates, which are guaranteed. The tours will cover the most popular destinations with a cost-effective price and great service. The popular destinations include a city tour in Lhasa, an expedition tour to Mt. Everest, etc. The group tour packages will hold 12 people each.

2. Tibet private tours

Under this tour package, you get to design your own tour with your specific requirements. This tour package will give you more freedom and flexibility. The agency will give you a private driver and a tour-guide so you get to ask most of the questions. The package includes 4-6 days tours in Lhasa, Golden route tour and Kathmandu.

3. Tibet trekking tours

Since Tibet is located 4000m above sea level, its high mountains, deep valleys, and endless pathways are the best places to go trekking. The trekking includes 15 days Kailash pilgrimage tour, 10 days Ganden-Samye tour, and 9 days Tsurphu-Yangpachen trekking tour.

Travel, discover and explore

For your vacations in Tibet, choose the best travel company that holds its reputation in the tourism industry for over 10 years. The company has staff members who are friendly and experienced in guiding you and make your stay in Tibet a memorable one.